We act as your consultant or representative for the management of a portfolio or portion thereof (e.g., loans 60+ days delinquent). Typically, we concentrate on the collection strategies of your servicers to ensure that they:

- Make collection calls, as dictated by the payment history of each loan
- Post collections and suspense payments accurately
- Have an appropriate number of loans per collector
- Manage loans 60+ days delinquent with specialized employees and methodologies
- Use innovative strategies geared to each loan’s specific characteristics, especially those loans
- that are 60+ days delinquent
- Limit third party costs to those that are fair and reasonable
- Provide accurate and timely reporting
- Provide a custom solution that meets your needs

Our team will get downloads of current activity on every loan in your portfolio and conduct its own detailed analysis for determining the appropriate collection strategy for each loan (e.g., rehabilitation, refinancing, loan modification, short sale, deed in lieu, foreclosure, etc).

Simultaneously with the loan analysis, we will begin the process of confirming the accuracy of the data in every loan file. We will also determine that the key documents such as the original note, certified copy of the recorded mortgage, credit and income documentation, property valuation, compliance information and title insurance policy are in the file.

In an effort to maximize the value of each loan and purchased portfolio, on a regular basis each loan and portfolio will be reviewed by an RPM credit committee to determine if any other collection or disposition strategies are necessary.

As part of the final disposition strategy, an RPM credit committee will provide guidance on each loan and hold the staff members accountable for achieving the disposition of each loan within the parameters that are set.


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