RPM provides access to the potential outsized returns of the distressed residential mortgage marketplace for those without specialized knowledge in this space.

If you are considering an investment in the distressed mortgage market, but lack the expertise to do so, let RPM Oversight act in your stead.

We will source the loans from our numerous contacts on Wall Street or at various banking institutions, screen each pool for acceptability per your stated objectives for investment, negotiate the purchase price within your expected return parameters, and consummate the legal and administrative aspects of the transaction through loan transfer. Once the transaction is completed, we will work with you to determine a comprehensive process and reporting package that will allow us to manage your portfolio while at the same time give you the necessary reporting information to review the results of your portfolio on a periodic basis.

RPM has developed a proprietary mortgage loan and REO management database system designed specifically for the purpose of monitoring every aspect of mortgage loan performance and property value. This software also serves as the primary tool utilized to aid in our comprehensive individual loan analysis, collection efforts, mortgage loan rehabilitation and potential sale efforts. RPM’s protocols include systematic and periodic monitoring of litigation, foreclosure and bankruptcy proceedings. With respect to reporting, RPM provides complete transparency by providing the client with the ability to access all of this asset information directly at any time through Internet access to our website.


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